Start a game by selecting the purple Dinosaur. Select the alien spaceship to place “stickers” of characters and objects in the game into a scene.

Levels 1 to 5: tap to throw boulders at the spaceships. Be aware of the effect of gravity, which varies depending if you’re in deep space, in orbit around a moon, or on the planet surface.

Level 6 (the “Love Tree”): tap to throw hearts at the spaceships. After you’ve sweetened the aliens, one alien makes a request, and you tap to give them cheese.

Level 7 to 8 (the “Bowl Trees”): tap to throw balls into the bowls at the top of the trees. After a few balls turned white, the bowl tips and most fall into the yellow bowl below. Once you’ve got the yellow bowl mostly full, you’ve completed that level.

Stickers: Tap once to highlight a sticker, then tap again to place it in the scene. You can also move stickers by dragging them. Some stickers animate, and others play a sound when placed.

On the iPhone and iPad, you can save your scene in your camera roll by tapping the camera button.

There’s no end to the sticker scene, just tap Back to save the scene when you’re done.

If you have multiple devices signed into the same iCloud account, your sticker scene and game status will be automatically synchronized. If your device has 3D Touch, tapping harder in the dinosaur levels (but not the digger levels) will throw more rocks at once.

Sound not working?

Make sure the speaker icon in the lower-left corner does not have a red line through it. If it does, press it once.

Check the mute switch on the side of your iPhone or iPad – no red should be visible. (Do you hear sound in other apps?)


Interspeller is a new kind of word game for 1 to 4 players. Each player takes turns guessing words and placing correctly guessed words on changing game boards.


Simply select one letter from the middle row to reveal if it’s in the hidden word above. Swipe left and right to select a letter, then press down to select it. If it’s in the word, it will be revealed above (and if it’s in the word multiple times, all will be revealed). If it’s not in the word, it will take up a red slot below.

If you guess all the letters correctly before you run out of red slots, you’ll proceed to place your word on the current planet’s matrix (game board).

If you don’t, play passes to the next player. Either way, you’ll see the definition of the word.


Your newly-guessed word starts as floating above the game board.

For an empty game board, you can drop the word anywhere, provided one letter is placed on the center of the game board.

After the initial word, you move your floating word until at least one of the letters overlaps an existing word. Ensure the entire word fits on the game board, and any place the word touches other words, valid words are created.

When you’re in a valid place to drop, the points you’d receive if you dropped it here are displayed in the lower-right of the word. Press to drop the word into place.

To rotate the word, overlap one letter with an existing word, then swipe in the direction you want the word to rotate. If it would result in a valid place to drop your word, the word will be rotated. (Otherwise, it won’t).

Tip: There’s usually multiple potential places the word can be placed. Try to find the one that gives you the largest bonus multiplier to increase your score.


When you successfully complete a game, the next level is unlocked for your use in subsequent games. Each level includes a planet with a different game board layout and varying bonuses.


If you’re signed into Game Center, you’ll be player number one, and you (only) will receive credit for any achievements obtained during the game. Check them out under “Achievements”.

Another benefit of signing into Game Center is that the names of any Game Center friends will appear when you add someone to a new game, so you don’t have to type their name.


Let us know how we’re doing by sending us feedback, and enjoy some simple fun.

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