Interspeller: Words in Space

NEW! Your mission - to explore distant solar systems. Decode words in orbit, place them on starboards for safekeeping. Maximize word placement for extra power. Can you become... Interspeller?

Buttery Smooth Video Camera

Created by a Primetime Emmy® award-winning software engineer, the Buttery Smooth Video Camera delivers broadcast quality results without massive complexity. More info.

Patrick’s Dinosaur

In this kids game, you’ll try to stop a variety of spaceships with rocks, hearts and cheese. You’ll create your own sticker scene with dinosaurs, aliens, spaceships and construction equipment. More info.

Interspeller Home Edition

Our favorite word game for Apple TV, from 1 to 4 players take turns exploring distant solar systems. Made from scratch for Apple TV. More info.

INTERSPELLER: Words in Space


NOW AVAILABLE for iPhone and iPad