Interspeller: Words in Space

Explore strange, new words…

Interspeller is hangman meets scrabble, in outer space. You try to guess words using letters orbiting distant planets. If successful, you place the word on ever-changing boards to maximize stardust. After correctly guessing all the words at a planet, you’ll keep the stardust from that board, and travel to the next planet.

 You can use stardust if needed for more guesses. You’ll also encounter diamonds, which show valid board placements and add bonuses to the boards.

  • Now available for iPhone and iPad worldwide.
  • Free to download. Optional in-app purchases.

Your mission – to explore distant solar systems. Decode words in orbit, place them on starboards for safekeeping. Maximize word placement for extra power. Can you become… Interspeller?

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Game play video

Q: What’s unique about this game?
A: Interspeller is refreshingly different from other word games. It combines aspects of Hangman (guess the word) and Scrabble (place carefully on the board for maximum points). But it’s a single player game, designed for casual, simple play on a small screen.

Q: How does it mix Hangman and Scrabble?
When guessing words, a small number of letters is always changing – with one or more letters guaranteed to be in the word. Rather than showing the whole alphabet, a smaller number of letters is constantly changing. And rather than a single game board, there’s over 400 planets – each with unique board shapes and bonuses. Once all of a planet’s words are guessed and placed, players receive stardust and diamonds to use as boosters.

Q: Is this the same game as “Interspeller: Home Edition” for AppleTV?
A: Sorta. The Apple TV “Home Edition” game is for multiple players in front of a large TV. It’s turn-based and competitive – players try to get a desired board placement before anyone else.


Guess the word using letters orbiting distant planets
Place words on ever-changing boards to maximize stardust
Over 400 planets – each with unique star boards, word sets, and bonuses.
Earn stardust for extra guesses. Earn diamonds to see possible word placements, and add bonuses to the board.